Hello, welcome and thanks for visiting my website. I started this blog because of my interest in the relationship between literature and the environment. Professionally, I’m a Reader in Literature at the University of Essex, UK. Our campus is particularly noted for its trees and wildlife, so I am fortunate to direct a Masters Degree in environmental studies: the MA Wild Writing: Literature and the Environment. I’m also Honorary Fellow in Literary Studies at the University of Wyoming. Wyoming has come to be my second home, and I divide much of my time between East Anglia and the western USA. Thinking about those two very different locations informs a fair amount of the posts on this site. I also write about Romantic and Scottish literature, and transatlantic literary culture. Other posts relate to those interests.

To find out more about my publications and other professional activities, visit my University and professional media webpages at: Susan Oliver @ the University of Essex, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Academia.edu

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